Hello, there!

I’m a Proboscis Monkey… I know you may have never seen me before – well – I’m among the world’s most unusual animals.

See, we are not so many, approximately 1,000 in Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo), but we are in serious danger because:

  • We can ONLY SURVIVE in Borneo
  • We need LARGE PROTECTED AREAS to survive

Since 2002 Kristina, the creator of this Website, is working to inform the (human) world that “we” Proboscis Monkeys are close to disappear from the planet.

The Website’s first aim was to be able to send a “huuuge” neverending letter with signatures to the Malaysian Minister of Tourism and to the Indonesian Minister of Forestry.

During these years this .ORG has collected hundreds and hundreds of signatures by persons from all over the world. We wish to say thank you to all these persons.

Now the Proboscis Monkeys situation is getting harder year after year and Kristina has realized that the Project needs more Power and visibility.

There is no more time to lose! Are you ready to play hard?

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