Palm oil-diesel. Extinction and climate disaster.

Palm oil-diesel. Extinction and climate disaster.

Bad news: Indonesia and Malaysia are preparing major expansions of palm oil plantations in order to cater for increasing EU biofuel demand. As this Greenpiece article says we have precious little time left to save not only our endangered Proboscis Monkeys but the whole planet from a climate crisis.

Rainforest is destroyed and carbon-rich peatland drained in the production of palm oil and this destruction is a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions which cause climate change.

Investments should go into truly sustainable biofuels, such as those produced from waste, which do not require the use of land.

And we have to give priority to energy-saving measures: supporting the production of lighter and smaller cars with more efficient engines, developing public transport and rail transport powered with renewables.

Read the full article by Kees Kodde


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After a first travel in Malaysian Borneo on 2002 she created this .ORG and she's still keeping going to inform people about this valued but endangered species.

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